November 11th, 2001 - I had arranged a benefit concert for Skylar (Sky). Featured was Justin Todd Herod from Palestine, Texas. An awesome Christian-Country music artist. While introducing himself, he requested that someone bring Sky up to the front of the stage. Sky and I were in the ladies restroom, as I helper her in what she needed.
As we walked out of the restroom, Sky's daddy Michael bent down to pick her up and carry her to the front. She said; "No Daddy" then reached up to take my hand, as we walked to the front of the stage. I sat in a front row chair, Sky was too heavy for me to stand and hold her. She then climbed up onto my lap and rested her head on my shoulder as she hugged me. For quite awhile she sat and listened to Justin sing. Later, she looked at me and said; "Love you" then climbed down from my lap and sat with her mama and daddy.
Sky may not have known the reason a man of God traveled on a Greyhound Bus through many states, for many hours, to primarily perform his concert for her, as she was barely two-years old. But it was obvious that she enjoyed Justin's music and the activities of that day. I dearly love my brother's children equally and would do the same for them as I did for Sky. Being involved in anything that would help her created a special bond between Sky and me. From her birth until her death, she had suffered through more than any child should. Yet she did her best to be as normal of a little girl as possible, like her four older siblings were. I know that I'll see her again in Heaven someday when Jesus takes me Home. Knowing that alone comforts me when I think of Sky and miss her!
Summer 2003 - Sky and her sisters Eva and Kaily walked with me to a nearby playground. She loved playing on anything that she could climb on, so I nervously watched her. My protectiveness caused me to hold my breath wherever she bravely climbed. As I sat on a nearby bench; I often said to her; "Be careful Dolly so you don't fall!" She'd look at me and smile then say; "Okay Auntie Teesa; I'm be careful." While she played, she'd look over to see what her sisters were playing on. Often she would say; "See Auntie Teesa? I'm be careful."
Shortly before we left, Sky asked; "Wanna come up too; Auntie Teesa?" I smiled then said to her; "No Dolly; Auntie Theresa's back has ouches and we need to leave in awhile." She looked at me sadly, carefully climbed down and walked to me. After she climbed onto the bench, where I sat. She then asked; "Auntie Teesa; Want me to kiss it?" Teary eyed; I smiled at Sky then said; "No thank you Baby Girl, my back will feel better, after we're at the house and rest." I hugged her then kissed her cheek as she hugged my neck. She frowned as she noticed my tears, then gently wiped my teary cheek and said; "Don't cry; Auntie Teesa!" She may have thought my tears, were tears of pain, instead of tears of love. She often suffered physically, yet she was sweet, brave and genuinely cared for others!
Sky ran over to where her sisters Eva and Kaily were playing on the swings and said to them; "Let's go home now; Auntie Teesa's back ouches has to rest." As we walked back to the house; Eva and Kaily began to walk quickly as Sky and I was unable to keep pace with them. Ignoring my rule about everyone holding hands, while we walked anywhere away from the house. Eva and Kaily knew to never cross any street alone and to always hold hands when crossing any street. As Sky and I caught up with Eva and Kaily; I then firmly scolded them. Lecturing that they may have easily been hurt crossing the street alone! Sky looked up at me, then smiled and said; "I'm be careful still; Right Auntie Teesa?" "Eva and Kaily are naughty; Right Auntie Teesa?"
I will miss Sky deeply each time I see a playground; I believe that Sky may be playing on "Heaven's Playground."
Theresa Heisz - aunt of Sky, sister of Sky's daddy Michael.
Spring 2003 - I'll always remember Skylar for being able to say the cutest little things. While looking at me so sweetly, she'd ask for things she wanted to eat at my house. Then she'd look at me with those big brown eyes of hers filled with tears, I just couldn't say no to her then. She knew if I had it, she'd get it.
Sky and her daddy Michael, were at my house and she wanted some string cheese. Michael said to her; "You'll have to ask Grandma." So, she came to me and asked; "Grandma; Can I have some of your string cheese?" I told her; "Yes." She then went to Michael with a big smile on her face and said; "Her said I could have some of her string cheese." Little things such as that made her so happy and she showed it.
Autumn 2003 - While at my house; Skylar wanted some popcorn but her daddy and sisters; Eva and Kaily didn't want any. Michael told Sky that he wasn't going to make any popcorn just for her. So she came and asked me if I wanted any. Of course I said yes to her. She then she went over to her Aunt Theresa, my daughter and asked her if she wanted any. (Theresa had been seriously injured in an accident and had to wear a neck brace.) Sky asked; "Auntie Teesa?" "Would you like some popcorn?" She then said to Theresa; "It'll make your neck feel better."
Spring 2004 - Shortly before Skylar became seriously ill, Michael, Sky, and her sisters Eva and Kaily, were on the way home. He said to them; "We have to stop and give your grandma some loving." Sky wasn't feeling well and didn't want to stop. He said to her; "Don't you love your grandma anymore?" Sky said; "Yes, I love my Grandma Knappenberger lots." "But I just want to go home."
Margaret Knappenberger - grandmother of Sky, mama of Sky's daddy Michael
Summer 2004 - Skylar was only four-years old yet she was as sweet as she could be. I loved to see her smile with those eyes of hers. I miss her smile and her hugs. She was so dear to Jesus and He called her Home; He needed her more. She was one of His little Angels, so He sent for her to come to Heaven. Sky was so precious to everyone, whoever knew her.
Donna LaSure - great-aunt of Sky, aunt of Sky's daddy Michael

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Nights are long since you went away.
I think about you all through the day.
My buddy...nobody quite so true.
I miss your voice, the touch of your hand.
I long to know that you understand.
My buddy...your buddy misses you.
I miss your voice, the touch of your hand.
I long to know that you understand.
My buddy...your buddy misses you.
My buddy...your buddy misses you.
Amy Grant
Brandy Knappenberger holding her holding her baby daughter Skylar.
Michael Knappenberger holding his sleeping daughter Skylar.
If I could part the clouds to Heaven; I'd humbly walk right through.
I'd kneel before God reverently and ask; "May I please speak with You?"
"My brother Michael and his wife Brandy hurt; I don't know what to do."
"I've come to ask for Your advice and a favor from You too."
"I need to borrow Skylar from You, it shouldn't take too long."
"I need Sky to tell her daddy and mama, to hold on and be strong."
"I know that Heaven's brighter since Sky walked through Your Door."
"Though You do take care of her, her daddy and mama need her more."
God would say "My child I know it's hard to understand."
"Let's walk awhile and let Me explain." God would take me by the hand.
God would say; "Tell Michael & Brandy, to keep their mind on Me above."
"And one day they'll see again, their daughter they dearly love."
"Tell them I know their mind is tired, their heart is broken too."
"For if you've not forgotten, I know just what they're going through."
"I had to watch My only Son, be tortured on the cross."
"And to know His mother Mary, suffered too her greatest loss."
"Tell them to remember, to talk to Me each day."
"For as much as you'd like to help; Jesus is the ONLY way."
"Tell them Sky is happy, there's no pain or sadness here."
"And one day I'll give them peace and dry up every tear."
"For now they'll have to make it, on memories alone."
"But one day they'll be with her; My love will bring them Home."
I'd thank God for His message, that I could bring back down.
Then I'd hug and kiss "Goodbye" to Sky and touch her shining crown.
Sky would ask me to tell them "Not to cry, they need to understand."
"When they're in their hardest times, reach out and take His hand!"
*Author Unknown
Cuddled In Heaven
For Our Skylar Jean
Skylar Dear
Skylar Dear
Skylar DearSkylar DearSkylar Dear
Skylar Dear
Skylar you're special in our eyes and you went beyond the skies. 
Jesus took you back to Heaven there, you're again in His care.
He took you on that Saturday, it was the first day of May.
We know you suffered here in pain, though your life was not in vain.
Skylar you touched our hearts you know, our hearts ache we miss you so!
Your leaving left us deeply sad, now your body's healed and we're glad.
We'll meet you in Heaven beyond the blue, yet must wait to go on to you.
We'll stay faithful to Jesus until the end, we want to see you again.
Your life the doctors tried to save it, but your spirit went to God who gave it.
You know it wasn't meant to be, though we've in our hearts your memory.
We don't understand the reason why, yet we'll know the answer by and by.
God will give us the grace to stand, until He takes us to the Promised Land.
Until then we'll wait our time, you'll always be in our hearts and mind.
You're so precious to your family, our love for you will always be.
It seems forever since your death, since you entered into rest.
They laid your little body beneath the sod and your spirit went back to God.
There your spirit is running free, your spiritual body is perfect as can be.
We wouldn't wish you back to suffer here, enjoy your new life Skylar dear!
In memory of my grand-daughter; Skylar.
*Margaret Knappenberger
*January 13th, 1944 - March 18th, 2007
God saw Skylar getting tired, her cure wasn't meant to be. 
He wrapped her in His loving arms and whispered "Come with Me."
She suffered much in silence, her spirit didn't bend. 
She faced her pain with courage, until the very end. 
She tried so hard to stay with us, though her fight wasn't in vain. 
God took her to His loving Home and freed her from her pain.
In tears we saw Skylar dying and watched her pass away. 
Our hearts were truly broken, we wanted her to stay. 
Though when we saw her sleeping, so peaceful free from pain.
How could we wish her back with us, to suffer that again?
It broke our hearts to lose her, but she didn't go alone. 
For part of us went with her, the night God took her Home.
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye.
Skylar was gone before we knew it and only God knows why.
Our hearts still ache with sadness and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to love her, Jesus surely knows.
We know Skylar wants us, to grieve for her no more.
Remember all the happy times, life lives on just as before.
Since she'll never be forgotten, we promise her today.
An empty place within our hearts, is where she'll always stay.
We think of Skylar in silence, we often speak her name.
All we have are memories, her pictures in their frames.
There'll always be heartache and a silent tear.
Though always precious memories, of days when she was here.
So many times we have thought of her, so many times we've cried.
If love alone could've saved her, Skylar never would've died.
In life we loved her dearly, in death we love her still.
In our hearts she holds a place, no one else could fill.
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane.
We'd walk the path to Heaven and bring her back again.
Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same.
As God calls us back one by one, our chain will link again.
~*Author Unknown~
Poems are dedicated in Skylar's memory. Memories written by family and friends of or with Skylar.
To read a poem please click on the sky blue colored buttons below.
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We had so little time to share, too soon I had to leave.
I know how much you love me, I know how much you grieve.
I know how sharp your pain is, I feel the aching in your hearts.
My life so quickly ended, before it barely had a start.
I remember how you held me and kissed my face and hands.
You cuddled me so gently, but God had other plans.
I was your youngest child, from God you knew I came.
It was His will to take me, in the Book of Life there's my name!
I know you'll always miss me, I know your pain is hard to bear.
Just remember now I'm in Heaven and we'll see each other there.
So smile when you think of me and wipe away your tears.
I'm cuddled now in Heaven, by our family members here.
I'm waiting here in Heaven and on the day we'll meet again.
I'll be there to smile and greet you, when God calls you home to Him.
*Author Unknown
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November 2001 - From Texas to Wisconsin on a Greyhound Bus.
Justin traveled round-trip through many states for many hours.
Primarily to perform a benefit concert for Sky.
He continues to be an AWSOME BLESSING for all that know him.
His music and ministry are worthy of our prayers and support.Skylar and her older sisters Kaily and Eva with their daddy Michael. This photo was taken at the same playground mentioned in the Memories section written by Theresa Heisz.Skylar with her grandpa, James Knappenberger. Skylar and her Grandpa "K" both had liver transplants. Her Grandpa James is still in fair health after ten years of receiving his donor liver.Skylar's Uncle Mark and Aunt Theresa Heisz. Theresa is the sister of Skylar's Daddy, Michael.
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Justin Todd Herod
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